What Are Ghost Police Car Graphics?

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Updating your emergency vehicle graphics is about more than just fitting your police car or ambulance with a cool new design.  When designing vehicle graphics for emergency responders the conversation should always begin with functionality and end with aesthetics.  In some cases though, these two spheres overlap and you get a design that’s both stunning and practical.

This happens to be the case with ghost police car graphics.  It turns out that what makes these types of graphics unique is also what makes them appealing.  Just in case you’re unfamiliar with ghost car graphics we wanted to briefly touch on what they are and how they can be used effectively.


What Exactly Are Police Ghost Graphics?

Ghost decals and lettering are graphics designed to be barely visible.  This is done by nearly matching the graphics color to that of the background paint job.  The similar colors makes the paint and graphics almost blend together so that it’s hard to distinguish between the two.  Decals become even harder to see at a distance which makes ghost police cars especially effective patrolling on highways.

Why Are Ghost Police Car Graphics Needed?

Ghost graphics have turned into a sort of updated version of unmarked police cars.  The idea is to provide camouflage while also having identification available. As you might expect, ghost police vehicles are great for traffic enforcement.  There’s just something about the threat that any car on the road could be a police car with stealth graphics that will help keep drivers honest. If you notice a lot of speeders only slowing down when they see you, ghost police car graphics might be something you should consider.

What To Include In Your Ghost Graphics

Despite the fact that your ghost graphics are designed to be hard to see, they should still closely mimic the graphics on your normal squad cars.  You still should be including all your important identification information. This includes the name and affiliation of your department, emergency contact information, and any of the usual police decals, emblems, and badges.  Reflective police graphics are another popular ghost graphics option. They’ll be almost invisible during the day but will shine at night when hit by headlights to keep you safe.

Is it time you updated your police fleet to incorporate ghost vehicle graphics?  If so, we at PDecals are ready to make that a reality. If you have questions about these or other types of emergency vehicle graphics, give us a call today to speak with one of our design and installation experts.