Stealth Mode | Why Stealth Decals are on the Rise

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When most people think of police cars, they think of the classic black and white car, with bold lettering on the side. When seeing police cars, or that model of police car, many people are on their best behavior. But is the world really safe if people are only acting the way they should when they think someone is watching? More and more communities are swapping the typical police cars for “stealth” cars. Why? New technology, the evolution of the police force and car maintenance concerns are major reasons.

New Technology

Looking at the classic police car, a Ford Crown Victoria, there are many benefits to having it on a police force. It is easily recognizable by the public, spacious, and has many features that are  beneficial to street policing. But, in recent years, there has been a surge of police cars on the force that are more sleek, like the Chevy Impala. One major reason for this change is the fuel efficiency of these cars, and their lasting factor. Instead of lasting around 3 years, these Chevy Impala’s can last up to 5. The newer technologies are allowing these cars to become a more typical sight around cities.

Evolution of the Force

Now more than in the past, police officers are accompanied by not only their squad partner, but by a K-9 unit. While driving, it is important to think of the safety of both the human and animal passengers. This factor has lead to more vehicle changes as well, pushing for more SUVs, like the Chevy Tahoe. The trucks are durable and allow for officers to carry more equipment.

These cars and trucks are becoming more and more popular in all major cities. Making these cars look sleek with custom stealth graphics allows for these vehicles to be hidden in plain sight. This can ensure that our neighborhoods stay safe and secure, and that the citizens feel as though the force is on their side.


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