Ghost Police Vehicle Graphics

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There has always been a debate about what the most effective law enforcement vehicle graphics are.  Some argue that nothing beats traditional police graphics while others say unmarked police car designs are better.  You might get some different answers depending on who you talk to.


Ghost police decals, often referred to as stealth police graphics, are a third option that mixes parts of each of the standard police car designs.  Stealth police graphics incorporate state of the art reflective vehicle decals to blend in during the day and stand out at night. If you’re unsure what police graphics you need for your new patrol car, PDecals is here to help!


Standard Police Car Designs

There’s no doubt that standard police decals have their place among your fleet.  They’re great for making the public feel safe as they can easily identify your vehicle when you’re out patrolling the streets.  The only drawback is that your presence will be unmistakable and drivers will see you coming from a mile away. This can make traffic enforcement a pain as reckless drivers will have time to slow down when they see you in the area.


Unmarked Police Car Designs

Unmarked custom police vehicles have the opposite effect.  Traffic enforcement becomes a breeze as there’s no way for speeders to see you coming until your lights are flashing behind them.  The problem of unmarked cars is dealing with officer safety. Without knowing you are in fact a police car, drivers may be careless around you and may even resist when being pulled over.


Best of Both Worlds | Stealth Graphics

Stealth police graphics make for the perfect middle ground option.  You get the benefits of both traditional and unmarked police car designs while mitigating the negative effects.  Stealth graphics incorporate dark police decals that blend in with your paint job to help go unnoticed. However, they also make use of top quality reflective vehicle graphics to make your cruiser stand out at night when lit up by headlights.  Ghost cruisers have even shown promise at decreasing the number of accidents in certain areas.


If you’re looking to redesign or add a vehicle to your fleet, look to the experts at PDecals to help.  Our team is full of 3m certified vinyl wrap installers and will help you design the best custom police vehicles around.  If you have any questions about getting stealth police vehicle graphics installed on your police cruisers, don’t hesitate to call PDecals today!