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Being a 3m certified vinyl car wrap installer, PDecals can outfit just about any police car or SUV with custom stealth graphics. Some departments believe stealth police kits are the future of police interceptor graphics, while some others think traditional police graphics are more effective in preventing drivers from speeding or committing other moving violations. We work with departments all over the United States, creating and installing custom vinyl car graphics. Let’s take a little deeper look at just what stealth graphics are, and how they can be effective for police vehicles.

What Are Stealth Graphics?

Stealth graphics are vinyl police car kits that provide a much lower profile than traditional police graphics. They are made from reflective vinyl film that match the vehicle body color in the daylight, providing for a “stealth” appearance. At night, the reflective vinyl wrap appears highly visible, providing clear identification that the car is indeed a police vehicle. We offer several different stealth graphic templates that can be installed on your vehicles, no matter the vehicle style. If you have a design currently, we can also recreate the design using stealth graphics that best match the design.

Stealth Patrol

One clear reason behind the concept of stealth police graphics, is that speeders and drunk drivers just simply don’t notice the vehicle as a police vehicle. This deters drivers from slowing down or “changing their tune” to appear as if they aren’t breaking any laws. When your fleet is outfitted with custom stealth graphics, you can patrol the jurisdiction legally, without as much noticeability as traditional police car graphics. Any vehicle can feature stealth graphics, but companies like Ford are starting to design stealth vehicles that have LED lights built into the grill, bumpers, mirrors, and windshield that are less noticeable than the traditional rooftop gum balls.

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Safer Streets

Look, we understand how the average citizen might look down on being “caught” by a police car with stealth graphics. The bottom line is this. Police cars patrol highways and city streets for one reason; SAFETY. That is what law enforcement is for, enforcing the law on individuals who break the law. Stealth graphics can significantly improve safety by letting drivers know that they might not see you coming, but they are being watched.

If your department is looking to outfit any of your police vehicle fleet with custom stealth graphics, you won’t find another company you can trust more than PDecals. We are certified with 3m to install 3m quality vinyl graphics, and we work with law enforcement officials all over the country. Whether you want to transform a few interceptors into stealth vehicles, design an entire new fleet, or just ask a few questions about pricing, feel free to give PDecals a call today! We look forward to hearing from you!