Brand New Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan Unveiled

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Ford has been a recognizable member of the police vehicle industry for decades. Some even refer to the Crown Victoria as the official police car. Internet memes joke about the terror of seeing a “Crown Vic” in your rearview. As a nationwide leader in providing custom police car graphics for all types of vehicles, PDecals is constantly seeking to help improve fleets for the men and women in blue. Just a few months ago, Ford announced that they were releasing a brand new police interceptor, a slightly altered version of the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Here are a few of the cool new features of the eye-catching cruiser.

First Ever Hybrid Police Car?

You’ve seen the uptick in hybrid vehicles on the road the last few years, but have you ever heard of a hybrid police car? According to Ford, there hasn’t ever been a pursuit-rated hybrid police car. Hybrid vehicles have been used by law enforcement recently, but typically only for less strenuous activity like parking enforcement and Paul Blart mall cops. Don’t think that this Ford Responder is just for sitting still, it had to qualify to be “pursuit rated” through testing by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. and the Michigan State Police. These are 2 agencies that test vehicles around the country.

Going Green

Sure, Ford’s Supercharged Taurus-based Interceptor can really fly, but what about all that time sitting still? According to an article from CNN Tech, police cars spend about 60% of their on-duty time running at idle. The best part about the Ford Hybrid? It uses practically NO GAS while idling. Sure that might not seem like that big of a deal to some, but Ford estimates that compared to regular police cars, the Ford Responder can save departments’ upwards of $4000 annually on fuel costs!

Perfect for City

The Hybrid Responder is quick enough to track down criminals, but for police departments in urban city areas, it’s perfect. Along with better gas mileage and being more eco-friendly, the Police Responder Hybrid will have better engine cooling, stronger breaks, a more rugged suspension system and skid plates underneath to protect mechanical components if driving over curbs or other obstructions. It’s safe to say that this is a new chapter for police vehicles nationwide.

PDecals provides custom vinyl police graphic kits for police departments all over the United States. We can help your fleet from the ground up, designing, printing, and installing a new design kit, or we can just take your existing design and update the shape and format to fit newer vehicle styles. We offer templates here on our website for many different police vehicle makes and models, and as soon as the Ford Police Hybrid Responder is out on the road, we will have design templates to deck it out!