From the Shop | Vinyl Graphics for Fire Emergency Vehicles

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As 3m certified wrap installers, we saw the benefit in wrapping vehicles for branding and marketing as a way to help businesses spread their message. Our parent company, VSP Graphic Group, has a wide arrangement of creative solutions for both vehicles and signage. We saw a need for emergency vehicles all over the country to not only install new vinyl graphics, but help update and enhance the look and feel of your fleet

We wanted to start to show a little more of our work on social media, as well as on our website. You can see designs as we complete them real time on our LinkedIn page!


2019 Chevy Tahoe Fire Department Fire Chief Vehicle Wrap

When a local fire department gets new vehicles, obviously they need to have the proper emergency decals. We outfitted these maroon 2019 chevy tahoes with some simple but slick vehicle graphics. The South Line Volunteer Fire Company Inc. was happy to see their new Chief and Assistant Chief vehicles featuring the fire departments’ logo, with some black and gold trim, along with some fluorescent red chevron for good measure.



Fire Department Crest Vinyl Graphic on a Dodge Ram 3500

Not every fire department needs or wants a full body wrap installation. Sometimes the simpler the better! Here’s a simple concept of something we provided for the Pine Hill Fire Department. Complete with the gold crest, this vinyl decal installation will last the test of time and elements.













Ford Interceptor Fire Dept. Paramedic Vehicle Wrap

For another variation, here’s a paramedic vehicle wrap we put together for the East Amherst Fire Department. With the metallic flake in the red paint, the end result of the gold lettering with a little backshadow really popped. We used the East Amherst Fire Department Crest with some black, and fluorescent red-orange striping down the sides, with a bright chevron on the back.


As you can see, implementing new fire decals on your EMS fleet can really enhance the look and feel of your vehicles. New vinyl graphics can be simple additions, or snazzy upgrades. If you are looking into upgrading the graphics on your fire department vehicles, give us a call! We have graphic kits that you can choose from, or we can work with you directly to come up with a custom design that you’re truly proud of! We have styles for any make and model that can be scaled to size!