Fire Department Vehicle Graphics | What Are Your Options?

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At PDecals we specialize in design and installation of custom graphics for emergency response vehicles.  Though they tend to fly under the radar, emergency vehicle designs serve important safety functions. In the past we’ve talked a lot about the benefits of custom police and ambulance graphics.  This month we decided to follow suit and discuss some of the different ways custom fire truck graphics are typically used.

Reflective Chevrons

You might be unfamiliar with them by name but chevrons are the alternating colored striping that you typically see on the back of ambulances.  Believe it or not but rear chevrons are actually mandatory for all fire safety vehicles as well. Even though the chevron pattern has been mostly standardized in the industry, there are still unique ways work it into your design.  No matter what your design choices are, your rear chevrons should always be made from a reflective material to improve roadside safety. 

Customized Decals

Fire vehicle design schemes are usually going to be pretty standard.  Most departments look to custom fire truck vehicle decals and graphics to set them apart from the pack.  Custom logos and lettering that embody the spirit of your community are not only used as identifiers but as something everyone can take pride in.  Whether it’s imagery, text, badges, or symbols these custom decals are what make your design truly unique. Some departments even opt to use reflective striping here to further improve visibility and conspicuity.

Emergency Vehicle Rebranding

Keeping your design consistent across your entire fleet of emergency vehicles is more important than you might think.  It can go a long way towards informing the public who you are affiliated with. If your current emergency vehicle designs don’t blend well with each other, it might be worth undertaking a full rebranding effort.  Alternatively, if your current graphics are a bit dated, rebranding can be a way to update your designs.

At PDecals we’ve got you covered no matter what type of emergency vehicle graphics you need.  Our design team will work with you to develop something functional that you and your department will be proud to showcase.  If you have any further questions or would like to set up an appointment to get started, feel free to give us a call today.