Fire Department Vehicle Graphics | All About Detail

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Here at PDecals, our goal is to produce the highest quality emergency vehicle graphics in the country. We do this by using the best materials available, being 3m vinyl certified installers. Design is another important differentiating factor. Even though the average citizen may think every fire truck looks the same, we understand that the men and women who board these trucks take pride in their township. Here are just a few details that go into each and every fire department vehicle graphic design.


Font is always one of the most important factors in designing a fire vehicle graphic kit. You can choose something very simple, or very complex. Maybe your old fleet was dated, and you’re looking for a more modern look. Perhaps the graphic letters are falling off and you just need to replace, we can do that too. You just let us know what you need, and our designers can help you choose from stock fonts, or create something custom.


If you want something a little more flashy for the striping and endpoints, we can do that. The way the striping moves about the vehicle makes a huge difference in the aethetics. Choose from several options of striping and endpoints, as well as choose to add flare with corner scrolls. Along with the stiping and endpoints, the scroll design is what really makes the eye-catching difference.


Again, you may have a set of classic decals or emblems that need to be replaced, but maybe you want to dress up the fleet with some new pizzaz. We can work with you to help design new emblems for your kit, even if it’s just subtle updates to the classic look. Maltese crosses, fleur de lis, and door scrolls can be tightened up or designed new from scratch by our skilled designers to really improve the look of your fire department’s vehicles.

For more information on updating or designing new fire department vehicle graphics, just give us a call anytime. We work with cities and towns all over the United States to create vinyl vehicle graphics, and are certified with 3m. You won’t find a harder working, or more passionate team of emergency decal designers, so turn to a team you can trust.