Who’s Got the Best Trooper Cruiser Decals?

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No matter who you are, trooper cruisers don’t ever look pretty when they’re positioned behind you with their lights on, pulling you over. But considering their duty is protect and serve, we should always take some time to appreciate their service. Every year, the American Association of State Troopers has a contest to see who has the best looking trooper cruiser.

Last year, for the second consecutive year, it was the Georgia State Police who won the title for the best looking trooper cruiser. The year before it was West Virginia who took the prize. Here’s a look at what their vehicles look like… What do you think?

west virginia police graphics
West Virginia State Police
georgia state police graphics
Georgia State Police












The vote is always held on the American Association of State Troopers’ Facebook page, around August. Every year, the association sells calendars to commemorate the top 13 different police car graphics. This is the top featured cruisers from 2017, which are featured on the 2018 Trooper Cruiser calendar.

  1. Georgia State Police
  2. West Virginia State Police
  3. Minnesota State Patrol
  4. Tennessee Highway Patrol
  5. North Carolina State Highway Patrol
  6. Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
  7. Kentucky State Police
  8. Oregon State Police
  9. Delaware State Police
  10. Massachusetts State Police
  11. Ohio State Highway Patrol
  12. Michigan State Police
  13. Pennsylvania State Police

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