Benefits of Police Car Visibility | Stealth isn’t Always the Way to Go

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In recent years, more and more municipalities around the country have started using unmarked police cars with stealth graphics. While these vehicles are not always appreciated by the general public, especially if one starts flashing their lights behind you, they do serve an important purpose.


Despite their usefulness and rising popularity, stealth police graphics aren’t always the best option.  Patrolling in vehicles with unmistakable police car designs actually provides a number of benefits over their stealth style brethren.  Here’s a few ways clearly identifiable police vehicles can be a benefit to your squad.


Deterrent to Crime

Nothing deters crime better than a police presence.  Think about any time you’ve driven down the highway and you see a police vehicle.  Your first instinct was probably to check your speed and maybe even apply your brakes.  Whether it’s preventing speeders on the highway or stopping a break-in, easily detectable police vehicles make people think twice!


Improved Public Relations

Some people might hold the idea that the law enforcement officers only act in response to a situation but that’s simply untrue.  A lot of time and effort goes into stopping crimes before they happen. Maintaining a visible police presence in the community will help improve public relations.  Cruisers with all the necessary police vehicle decals and a sleek design will remind the public that you’re there watching out for them.


Better Officer Safety

Year after year vehicular accidents rank as one of the leading causes of officer fatalities.  This sobering statistic might be expected because police cars are often found in dangerous situation; such as vehicle pursuits and traffic stops.  Having a highly visible police car is one way to help mitigate the risk to officer safety. Bold police car designs packed with noticeable police graphics can make all the difference in alerting the public to your presence and the need for caution.


If you’re looking to add a unique police car design to your fleet that will make you stand out, PDecals is here to help.  With our expert design team and years of experience serving local municipalities all over WNY, we’ll have no trouble getting you set with a stunning new look.  Give us a call today to see how we can get you the best police vehicle graphics on the market!