New Year, New Look? | Time to Update Your Ambulance Graphics

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Now that the calendar has put an end to 2018, it’s time to take a fresh look at things for the new year.  If you’re part of an ems crew, take a moment to consider the look of your current ambulance graphics and decals.  Think about how long ago they were installed. Is the new year the right time to finally address that outdated design and color scheme?

To take matters a step further, if your ambulance decals are indeed a bit dated, you could be posing a safety threat.  If your emergency vehicle graphics haven’t been updated in the past decade then you’re probably not up to date on the latest graphic safety features.  A lot of time and money has gone into figuring out what combinations of colors, designs and materials provide the biggest boost to your emergency vehicle visibility and identification.

Reflective Ambulance Graphics

One of the recent trends in the industry is to add reflective striping and logos wherever possible.  Even if you’re pleased with the look of your fleet you should still bring it up to date and add in reflective ambulance decals to help you stick out at night.  Just look at this photo to see how reflective ambulance graphics make a difference to visibility in a dimly lit area.

(Notice how the reflective chevron pattern on the back is more distinct despite being in the shade.)

Nationwide Ambulance Decals

Though PDecals is based out of Buffalo NY, we’ve worked with municipalities all over the country to get them the best ambulance graphics.  Our experienced design team understands the challenges of developing new and improved ambulance graphics while still meeting the necessary state requirements.

Custom Ambulance Graphics | All In One

The best thing about looking to PDecals for new ambulance graphics is the convenience.  We handle every step of the process in house from graphic design to vinyl printing to the final installation process.  And as an added bonus, all our custom vehicle wraps are printed on the best vinyl on the market today from industry leaders like 3m.


Start the new year off right by updating your ambulance graphics with PDecals.  We’ve been at the top of this industry for years so you know you’ll be working with a team you can trust.  Take a look at our website to see some examples of our work.  As always, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’d like to setup an appointment or if you have any questions about getting the best ambulance decals available!