Ambulance Decal Designs | Stunning And Practical

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At PDecals we handle design and installation of custom emergency vehicle graphics all over WNY.  If you’re familiar with our work, you know that we like to focus on making our vehicle graphics practical as well as appealing.  After all, in the emergency response business, vehicle safety should be a primary concern. If you have stunning graphics that aren’t working toward the safety of your first responders, then you’re doing something wrong.

Believe it or not, it is possible to have stellar ambulance graphics that also keep safety in mind.  At PDecals we like to make sure all our vehicle wraps and stickers focus on boosting your visibility.  In particular, color contrast, reflective vehicle graphics, and cognitive visibility are three of the most important features we like to work into every design.  We’d like to take a moment to look at one of our newest installations to show how each of these areas were addressed.


We recently partnered with Mercy Flight Inc. to install some premium ambulance graphics on one of their EMS vehicles.  You’ll notice that this design is not only interesting but also hits on the main safety elements we look for.


1.) Color Contrast Ambulance Graphics

The first thing your eyes are drawn to with this vehicle is the alternating blue and orange stripes.  These two colors provide solid contrast because they are on opposite ends of the color spectrum. Additionally, using these colors on a white background makes them even more noticeable.  These types of ambulance graphics are so different compared to normal traffic, your presence will be hard to go unnoticed.


2.) Emergency Vehicle Graphics With Reflective Striping

Vehicle wrapping technology has come a long way over the years.  One major development within that last decade has been the production of reflective vehicle wraps.  This had major implications right away for emergency medical vehicles. Reflective custom ambulance graphics are the perfect way to make you more visible when you’re out in dangerous low light conditions.


3.) Ambulance Decals For Cognitive Visibility

Custom ambulance graphics can still make a big impact without making you spring for a full vehicle wrap.  This is where ambulance decals come into play. Placing custom ambulance decal designs, like the blue “star of life” logo, will not only draw the eye, but it will pass information about who you are.  People who see this symbol will know that you are an emergency vehicle and will know to take caution.


We’re happy to be able share this recent ambulance graphics installation of ours with you.  We feel this job is a great example of an ambulance decal design that does more than simply look good.  If you’re interested in updating your current fleet’s graphics with stunning safety conscious designs, then give PDecals a call today.